Providing Sales, Service and Support for the Denso Robotics line is a major component of Branik's business model. Our team has been hand selected by Denso as an industry leader and material expert providing support for the older model RC3 and RC5 as well as the newest lines of RC7 and now RC8 families. from the 4 axis SCARA line to the 5 and 6 axis VP / VS / VM articulated arms

It has recently been announced by Denso Robotics, that they no longer have spare parts available to continue supporting the RC-3 controller and associated robots.   The need to retrofit these units has now reached a critical timeframe in order to reduce production downtimes.  Branik Consulting has had complete success field retrofitting the RC-3 to RC-7 units in as little as a couple days with no issues.   The time is NOW to get these conversions completed before your robot begins to fail with no way to recover without significant downtime and lost revenue.

What can Branik provide?

Branik understands that Denso’s valued customer base will need to replace their old RC-3 or RC-5 robots/controllers currently in production with the new comparable RC-7 robots immediately.  Branik has successfully converted almost a dozen of the most intricate systems from RC-3 to RC-7.  The key to this successful conversion is many hours of preparation and electrical schematic conversion work done offsite prior to taking the systems down for the retrofit.  All conversions are done offsite during the lead time for ordering of the robot, and once the Denso units become available, the Branik team will be prepared and onsite to convert these units in minimal time. Give us a call or use our contact page for more information


Braniks professionals have 30 years experience integrating systems and programming Fanuc robots. We are now upgrading older Fanuc RJ / RJ3 Units to the new RJ3iB / RJ3iC units with great success. Give us a call or use our contact page for more information

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